Community members gather to demand justice in Abdul Arian shooting

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Shouting "This is a phone, not a gun!" demonstrators raise their cell phones in front of a portrait of Abdul Arian. Arian was shot dead by LAPD April 12 after a high speed chase with police yesterday. Photo credit: Ken Scarboro / Editor in chief

Community members from and various Islamic groups protested outside the LAPD Devonshire division Monday, demanding an investigation into the police shooting of a 19-year-old man after a high speed chase last week.

Abdul Arian was shot dead by LAPD early April 12 after leading police on a high speed chase down the 101 freeway. Initial police reports stated Arian was on the phone with 911 dispatch and told them he had a gun.  After pulling to the side, Arian got out of his car, took what police described as a “shooting stance,” then was shot numerous times.

Imam Omar Jubran, who sits on the executive board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the demonstration was largely community organized through email chains and information distributed in Islamic centers and prayer halls.

“What we believe, as a community, was that this was an overkill,” said Jubran, adding, “He didn’t need to be shot 90 times in his body.”

Lt. Andy Neiman, LAPD media relations officer, said there were no official numbers on how many shots were fired.

“In events of this magnitude we reach out to the community, and in this case we reached out to the Muslim community, Islamic community,” said LAPD Cpt. Kris Pitcher of the Devonshire Division. “To basically let them know what is being done with the investigation and find out what their concerns are.”

“We just want a thorough investigation and we want justice,” Jubran said.

Imam Omar Jubran addresses a crowd of community members protesting outside the Devonshire LAPD department seeking justice for the shooting of 19-year-old Abdul Arian. Police watched from the roof of the department on Monday. Photo credit: Ken Scarboro / Editor in chief



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  • Abdul Keddou

    This brief but revealing video is enough to get this ridiculous lawsuit
    laughed out of court. It shows Arian REPEATEDLY turning toward police
    and aiming something at them (after telling 911 dispatcher he had a gun
    and intended to USE it against cops):

    More significantly it has testimony from a couple trapped in their car
    during the incident, who state they felt PERSONALLY THREATENED by
    Arian’s reckless, aggressive actions and PRAISE the LAPD for PROTECTING

    The streets of LA are clearly a safer place without the menace of suicidal lunatics like Abdul Arian…

  • Rocky

    The leader of the protest is a member of Hamas-tied Ku Klux Kair.

    • Abdul Keddou

       Ku Klux KAIR…LOL. The best description of that Saudi-funded radical front group CAIR that I’ve ever heard!!

  • BurgerLess

    Don’t tug on Superman’s cape, don’t spit into the wind, don’t pull the mask from the Lone Ranger’s face…

  • VladLenin

    Another point to make about the phone. The phone could have been used to activate a bomb, potentially killing all of the officers, and civilians in the vicinity of the automobile, with significantly greater loss of life.

  • BurgerLess

    I fought the law and the law won.

  • Arafat

    Did they protest when it came to light that the killing of Shaima Alawadi was committed by her Muslim family?

    Oh, I almost forgot, Muslims never protest anything their co-religionists do no matter how barbaric.

  • Arafat

    Doesn’t everyone in America know by now that we are not allowed to do anything against Muslims regardless of what our laws state.

    I’m just curious, was there a similar protest when a Muslim shot three French schhol children, or is Muslim rage only called upon when it comes to Muslims?

    “Allahu Akbar” they shouted out as they cut off Daniel Pearl’s head.

    • VladLenin

      This is not about Muslim’s, per se, but grievence.

      Groups(any groups) that can leverage an incident to further a socio-political agenda.

      Personal responsibility is the concept of a bygone era.  

  • David the small-L libertarian

    Apparently none of these “justice seekers” has seen the video:

    • VladLenin

      And don’t forget his 911 calls, where he threatened the pursuing officers.

      While tragic, this young person has some(if not all) the culpability for what transpired.

      Would justice have been served, if, while maintaining his “shooting stance” he in fact had a gun, and shot a cop, or two?

    • Abdul Keddou

       Nice video David….here’s an interview of the young couple trapped in their car by this suicidal lunatic. They felt PERSONALLY THREATENED by the reckless endangerment actions of Abdul Arian and PRAISE the LAPD for PROTECTING THEM from this suicidal lunatic:

      The streets of LA are clearly a safer place without the menace of suicidal lunatics like Abdul Arian…

      • David the small-L libertarian

        Hard to get better pro-police witnesses than Zen Buddhist retreaters!

  • ak1287

    I’m pretty sure we’ve already gotten justice.