Professor does independent financial analyses of America’s colleges

A professor of accounting will be speaking on Thursday at Sierra Hall between 4 and 5 p.m. in order to explain the CSU budget and financial problems in the CSU system.

Dr. Howard Bunsis is a professor of accounting at Eastern Michigan University. According to Amy Denissen, associate professor coordinator of sociology who is helping set the event, Bunsis has conducted numerous independent financial analyses for college campuses all over the country.

“Bunsis was asked to come and speak by the CFA (California Faculty Association),” Denissen said.

According to Bunsis, there will be a lot to expect from the event including a revelation to as to what the CSU financial situation really is. When asked what to expect from Thursday’s lecture, Bunsis responded that students and faculty should expect the truth behind where the CSU money goes to. Bunsis discovered that the financial situation is only severe because of administration’s spending.

“Contrary to what the CSU has made us believe, the CSU financial condition is actually strong,” he said. “All of the assumptions that the CSU financial system is broke are completely false.Most of the money goes to the priorities of the Chancellor’s office. There should be fewer resources for the administration. I will be proving this Thursday.”

  • VladLenin

    The CSU Financial situation, is tied to the State’s Financial situation, which is dire.

    Administration, staff, boondoggles. The system, in its totality is bloated, and self-serving.

    Ask Mr Bunsis how State Entitlements, and Loan Guarantees “artificially” Hyperinflate Tuition Costs?

    Asked another way, what “downward price pressures” exist when the system guarantees a revenue stream?

    Another question; What justifies “public sector” increases, when the private sector has been decimated? 

    Lastly, as Tax and Regulatory practices have PUSHED Businesses, and “the Rich” to other states, what impact will raising taxes have on long-term revenue?

    Peace Out!


    If anyone say’s it’s “about the children”, they’re lying sacks of sh*t!