CSUN vice president to retire in June

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Tom McCarron, CSUN’s vice president of Administration and Finance, will retire in June, according to an email sent by President Dianne Harrison to the campus community.

During his tenure, multiple campus construction projects were completed, including the Sierra Center, VPAC, Arbor Court, Chaparral Hall, the SRC, and the new floor installation in the Matadome.

“The university has celebrated many notable accomplishments under Tom’s leadership and these have benefited students, staff, faculty, and the region we serve,” Harrison said. “Tom has effectively and collaboratively worked with the campus community to find solutions and move the CSUN campus forward.”

McCarron has held the post since 2008.  He had previously been the president of the University Corporation, where he administered grants, contracts and other commercial interests for CSUN.

McCarron’s pending retirement marks the third executive to leave CSUN in the past month, following former Vice President of University Advancement Vance Peterson and former athletic director Rick Mazzuto.


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  • mattymatador

    Nice, good to see Harrison cleaning the house. Maybe CSUN will finally pay attention to athletics, update its facilities (Matadump).