CSUN hosts annual Take Back the Night event

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The Women’s Resource and Research Center will be hosting the 10th annual Take Back the Night rally on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Students, student groups, and activists will meet at the University Student Union Plaza Del Sol where they will rally together to protest violence against women.

As explained in a previous Sundial article, most violent acts against women happen between 6 – 10 p.m. The event, happening during that time frame, is put together so that women can reclaim the night and fight against the injustices.

Take Back the Night will open with a performance from Natalia Zukerman and President Dianne Harrison will welcome attendees.

Project D.A.T.E. will speak about the sexual assault prevention program and V-Day CSUN will perform a monologue from Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues.” There will be performances throughout the night by spoken word artist, Yazmin Watkins.

Daniel Foster, CSUN police department’s crime prevention coordinator, will take the stage and educate attendees on crime prevention techniques.

In past years, the rally participants created posters with phrases such as “Stop the Violence” painted on them. They also decorated shirts with anti-violence messages on them.

When the performances conclude, students, faculty, staff and activists will march by candlelight from the USU to the WRRC, located on Halsted.

The night will be topped off with testimonials and real life accounts of experiences with violence.

Take Back the Night – CSUN 2013

The Women’s Resource and Research Center hosted annual Take Back the Night Event, a rally to protest violence against women. The event included a musical performance by Natalia Zukerman, speakers from Project D.A.T.E. and CSUN Police Department, testimonies of survivors and a candlelight march.

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