Police still looking for suspect in the attempted kidnapping


Sketch of the suspect who attempted to kidnap a CSUN student.

James Fike

CSUN Police Chief Anne Glavin held a press conference this morning informing the media about the recent attempted kidnapping that took place near campus.

Glavin ran through a list of crimes that took place near and around campus, starting as far back as Aug. 28 of this year, but she also said that this increased activity in crime is extremely unusual.

In response to the increase of crime in the area, Glavin said CSUN is trying to heighten security on and around campus. Some ways CSUN plans to do this includes increasing Matador Patrol as well as police officers on campus.

Glavin also told students to walk in numbers, or to have someone walk them to their cars if they feel unsafe. She said there has also been an increase in lighting around campus.

According to Glavin, CSUN Police Services, as well as LAPD, are collaborating to try and find the kidnapping suspect. A composite sketch of the suspect had been released, but was also dispersed again at the press conference.

No arrests have been made, but LAPD is trying to recover surveillance tapes from businesses that surround the area of the attempted kidnapping, Glavin said.

The attempted kidnapping victim said she might have seen the suspect in the Oviatt Library a few days ago, but she could not confirm this information, both CSUN Police Sevices and LAPD continue to investigate this crime.