A 3.6 earthquake strikes Westwood

graphic shows a map of LA and pinpoints the area (westwood) where the earthquake struck

Locator map of earthquake in California. (AP/ TNS

Ethan Hanson

A 3.6 earthquake struck Los Angeles and was felt in Westwood all the way to the San Fernando Valley.

According to the United States Geological Service the epicenter occurred west of Sepulveda Pass in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Marketing major Anthony Maralian, 19, said he was doing his English homework when his room started to shake.

“It kind of caught me off guard since it was late at night,” Maralian said. “I went downstairs to watch the news and found out that it was a 3.6 so I was a little shaken by that.”

This earthquake came 11 days after an 8.2 shock, which killed 36 people in Juchitan De Zaragoza, Mexico. The question now is whether Los Angeles residents are prepared for a potentially catastrophic tremble.