(Photo Story) Aftermath of Woolsey and Hill fires


The American Red Cross is transitioning into the next phase of the relief effort, according to Red Cross volunteer and the Director of Online and Off-site Field Education in the CSUN Sociology Department Jennifer Henningfield. “Our next level of recovery is to work with FEMA and Red Cross Case management to help people get back on their feet again, so those efforts are just beginning.” Photo credit: Max Sullivan

Max Sullivan

The chimney is all that remains of a home on Hillcrest Drive in Thousand Oaks, CA. At least nine other homes were destroyed in Thousand Oaks, according to ABC Photo credit: Max Sullivan
The Woosley Fire destroyed two homes along the hillside that parallels Hillcrest Road in Thousand Oaks. The fire moved south from this truck and jumped the road destroying at least three homes in the adjacent neighborhood, including the house of former CSUN employee Marc Montemorro. Burning palm tree fans blown by the wind helped to spread the fire to his roof, according to Montemorro. Photo credit: Max Sullivan
Marc Montemorra
Former CSUN employee Marc Montemorra fled his Thousand Oaks home in the early hours of Friday Nov. 9 with limited possessions. Montemorra knew the flames from the Woosley Fire were close when he departed, but he learned of the destruction when he saw his home on the news. “That is how I am going to remember [the fire]. Instead of 9/11, it was 11/9,” Montemorra said. Montemorra helped bring the internet to CSUN as a main frame system programmer and network administrator in the mid to late 1990s. Photo credit: Max Sullivan
244 horses
At least 244 horses found refuge from the Woosley Fire in the stables of Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif. People evacuated from the fire also brought two tortoises, two cows, goats, mini goats, alpaca and and donkeys, according to CSUN alumni Jenifer Crow who volunteered at the college with Los Angeles County Equine Response Team. Photo credit: Max Sullivan
megan and Jennifer
Megan Silveira and Jennifer Crow volunteer with the Los Angeles County Equine Center at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif. where 244 horses evacuated from the Woosley Fire found a safe place to sleep. Photo credit: Max Sullivan
Medical professionals with backgrounds as registered nurses and EMTs volunteer for the American Red Cross to provide services for the more than 200 evacuees from the Woosley Fire who took shelter in the Pierce College gymnasium. (Jane Dean, Lourdes Morgan, Marine Arzumanyen, Gayle Norbryhn, Lorainne Voelker and Dee Fuggiasco)
Burned terrain came within feet of Dozens of still standing structures along Las Virgenes road in Calabasas, CA. Many residents made signs to thank firefighters for their work. Photo credit: Max Sullivan