Spotlight: One student out of 36,000

Aprile Sumague

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Biyoe Niweigha carries a boombox almost every day to school and is a break dancer. Photo Caption: Aprile Sumague / Staff Reporter.

Biboye Niweigha, a transfer student majoring in athletic training, considers himself an “endangered species” on campus due to the fact that he carries a boombox almost every day. Niweigha, 20, usually spends a lot of time practicing his break dancing moves on campus.

Also known as Kuno, his B-boy name, which means no fear in Nigerian, he has been break dancing for three years. He turned to dancing after getting expelled from high school in San Jose. He didn’t have anything else after his expulsion. He never had any interest in school, nor video games, but was drawn into the dance scene.

“I’m just free and no one can mess with me. All they can do is just watch when I dance and that’s why I love it,” he said.

Dancing is Kuno’s way of expressing himself.

Kuno is part of Turnable Movements Crew (TMC), which is based in San Jose. People assumed that he could break dance because of his name, and that’s what motivated him to start learning.

“I know a few B-boys and they would ask me, ‘Hey Biboye, you know how to B-boy, right?’ but I didn’t know how to back then so they taught me,” he said.

Kuno moved to Los Angeles from San Jose “just to get out” and see new places. Many of his favorite B-boys are in Los Angeles and he goes to competitions to watch them. Kamel from the Boogie Brats is his favorite B-boy because of his movements and character.

Kuno and TMC have also joined several competitions, around 30, he said. They have never received the golden prize, but have been in the top four during a semifinal competition The competitions are like tournaments where dancers showcase and judges choose the top 16, until they pick the best crew.

“I’m just tired of losing,” he said. Kuno is taking a break from competing, but it doesn’t mean he’s done with dancing. He focus is centered around practicing and getting ready to win.