Another senator resigns from A.S.

Kristopher A. Fortin

During the Associated Students (A.S.) meeting on Tuesday, senators of A.S. debated over how much funding should be disbursed to the CSUN Paintball Club. Photo Caption:
During the Associated Students (A.S.) meeting on Tuesday, senators of A.S. debated over how much funding should be disbursed to the CSUN Paintball Club. Photo Caption:Katie Chavarian

One more Associated Students (A.S.) senate seat opened up as the lone Health and Human Development senator resigned, bringing the senate vacancy total to 12.

Eboni Blanche sent an email to A.S., notifying them of her resignation.

Blanche refused to comment for this story. Her e-mail read as follows:

“It has been a pleasure working with all of you the past few months, but unfortunately due to some personal reasons, I am resigning from my seat as Senator. Please do not hesitate to ask for my assistance with anything as I will still be around to help whenever time allows. Have a great semester and remember to keep the interest of the students you represent first. Cordially, Eboni Blanche.”

There has been disappointment within the senate and on the part of the president in reaction to Blanche’s departure.

“For me it was a sad thing to hear that she was leaving,” said Cynthia Medrano, senator at large IV. “During the senate meetings, and in the senate office, she would share ideas, as far as what she was working on when it came to the committee, like what she heard from her constituents on what (needs to be worked on).

“For me I was sad to see her go,” Medrano added.

John Barry Neilan, Science and Math senator II, said Blanche was shaping up to be an excellent senator. But he voiced concern about the future of the senate with her departure.

“I’m getting worried for the senate that we’re losing more members,” Neilan said. “I don’t think any of our standing committees meet quorum.”

Neilan, who currently sits as the chair of the external affairs committee, was approved Tuesday to the elections committee. He will also sit in on the external affairs committee due to Blanche’s resignation from that committee’s chair position.

“It’s going to end up being a lot of work,” Neilan said.

Neilan’s increased workload is an example of the stress being put on the committees this semester. The finance committee, for example, has seven out of its nine positions open. The finance committee analyzes and makes recommendations to the senate on funds being requested.

Blanche ran with Pacheco on the Students For Change campaign slate. A.S. President Abel Pacheco said that though her resignation was unfortunate, “Every student is still represented.

“I’m not saying it doesn’t (affect senate) but every student is still represented,” he said.

It is expected that there will be two senate nominees up for approval on next week’s budget, according to Kathi Parella, A.S. personnel director.

The A.S. general elections calendar was approved Tuesday. Notably, starting Monday, students can start applying as candidates for the fall election. Senator is among the offices that will be up for grabs in the election.

Abel Pachecho, A.S. President, said that a potential senate candidate should be, “someone who is responsible, (and) has a desire to serve the students.”

It was finalized that come election time, there will be only one voting booth in front of the Oviatt Library, because A.S. will be using an online voting system for the fall and spring semesters.

Elections will take place Nov. 3-4.

Yesterday’s allocation of funds to the Muslim Student Association and the CSUN Paintball Club brought the total budget for clubs and organizations for the rest of the school year to $11,460.

“Clubs and orgs shouldn’t expect too much of us this year,” said Yasmin Nadershahi. Science and Math I senator.