Associated Students President’s Report

Abel Pacheco

Presidents Report. Photo Credit: Catilin McCarrick / Staff Photographer
Presidents Report. Photo Credit: Catilin McCarrick / Staff Photographer

As we are halfway through our semester, I would like to update students on some projects that my administration is currently working on and successes Associated Students (A.S.) has experienced this month.

•A Big Show Event where students were able to enjoy themselves and clubs were able to fundraise for their organizations. Also, a great collaboration with the University Student Union (USU) and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) on both the Maya Angelou and Matador Madness events.

•I am currently leading the effort with the California State Student Association (CSSA) in passing a resolution in support of the Federal Dream Act. A.S. passed a resolution in support of this legislation in the spring and I am now trying to get CSSA to support it.

•Working with The University Corporation (TUC) to see if it is possible to provide Lactose free milk for students, as there currently is none available. TUC always welcomes suggestion for new products and they have a suggestion box for students in there locations on campus.

•TUC and the Matador Bookstore will be expanding the Textbook Rental program from its current selection of eight courses to approximately 500 this upcoming spring! Rental price is 42.5 percent of new book price (e.g. $100 book rents for $42.50). Textbook affordability has been a major issue for students, especially during these difficult financial times.

I would also like to invite a student to attend the next CSSA meeting with me and allow you to bring your concerns directly to them. Please email me at with your name, major and what concern you would like to bring to the forefront of the Statewide Association.

Also, students can now email any suggestions they have on how the university can save money during these difficult financial times at I believe this will be another opportunity, similar to our town halls that were held earlier this semester, for students to give their input, while harnessing all the intelligence of everyone on campus. I will be collecting the best ideas to present to University President Jolene Koester. Please note that not every idea will be pursued.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the all parties who contributed to this report. One of my goals as President was to bring to the forefront the issue of textbook affordability; as other costs have significantly risen. I applaud TUC and the Matador Bookstore for there swiftness to act on this issue and hearing the concerns of A.S.

Abel Pacheco

Associated Students,