CSUN Matador of the Week: Tiffany Pak


Courtesy of CSUN Athletics

Women’s golf’s Tiffany Pak, the Matador of the Week of Sept. 30.

Jordan Puente, Sports Assistant Editor

Sophomore Tiffany Pak helped her golf team win on Sept. 27 at Rustic Canyon Golf Course against CSU Bakersfield 301-314. Pak shot a one-under 71 with an eagle and one birdie to go with it — something she has never done before.

“I shot an even par, but never a low score like that,” Pak said. A score one-under 71 was her best golf game in her career, even dating back to high school.

“I didn’t even realize I shot that until I finished,” Pak said with a bolt of excitement.

Each player is on the course alone most of the time, unless they meet each other on the same hole is when they are able to give each other motivation. In this match, Pak was able to motivate herself through the rounds.

“Take things hole by hole,” she said. “It’s really easy to get caught up in the game.”

Not getting too caught up into the game is what Pak has been able to do since she was six. Pak’s golf idol, Tiger Woods, had the ability to stay focused and take the game hole by hole.

Pak watched golf a lot with her dad, as well as playing at a course every weekend, and she loved to watch what the golfers were able to do each weekend to make themselves better.

“It’s amazing to see what they are able to do on the course,” she said.

Pak’s biggest supporters are her parents. She said that none of what she is able to do would be possible without them.

CSUN women’s golf team travels to Seattle on Oct. 11 to compete in the Pat Lesser-Harbottle Invitational at Seattle University.