Meet Your A.S. Senate Candidates



Kevin Kolb,
28, Masters Program

Senate Position: Graduate Senator (II)
Major: Political Science

What interests you about politics?

What interests me about politics is discussing, critiquing and analyzing concerns of people and institutions in society.

Describe the qualifications for an A.S. senator.

First one would be, have the motivation and drive to represent a large number of people. To be completely dedicated to the student body. To be able to produce objective outcomes that will help the body. To understand the issues and voice in the student body and produce objective outcomes to represent the student body.

Gisselle Jaen,
20 years old, Junior

Senate position: Social and Behavioral Science II
Major: Political Science

What is the most important issue concerning A.S.?

The budget cuts and saving students money.

Describe the qualifications for an A.S. senator.

An A.S. needs to be dedicated and committed and they should be informed about what’s going on in the community. They need to be able to commit three hours outside of the Tuesday meeting and at least 1 to 2 hours a week at home to review the agendas.

Guyon McCormack, 30
Senate Position: Graduate Senator

Major: Recreation administration.
Occupation: Commissioner with the Los Angeles County department of health and human services.

What do you hope to give and take away from an A.S. Senate appointment?

Give me knowledge and expertise and my networking within the local community.

As graduate senator representative, what are your highest priorities for your college?

Addressing budget cut issues, voter turnout, which I think, is too low, and in my college we have a recreation student association that helps promote a healthy lifestyle for students. They can benefit on a retreat with time management and stress reduction, which can help them become better officers.

Vahan Khodanian,
18, sophomore

Senate position: lower division senator
Major: Finance in the college of Business and Administration

What do you hope to achieve as a senator?

I hope to have students voices be heard as much as possible, and their concerns addressed as best as possible.

Describe the qualifications for an A.S. senator.

I think an A.S. senator should be passionate about the issues that the school and the students are concerned about. An A.S. senator should fully commit him or herself to the needs of his constituents.