Channeling her Energy into Positive Use

Alan Der Ohannessian

The other day I was attending women’s tennis game against Hawaii.

One the games featured Captain Brooke Daone who was having a tough time in her singles game.

Although she was controlling her points with her serve and volley tactic, nevertheless she’ committing unforced error with her volleys.

She became increasingly upset and started berating herself “Why Brooke.”

When it was time to rest, you could feel that she was ready to rip anybody who dared to talk to her.

What I like about her was that she started using that energy to improve her game.

She started to change her tactic using slice forehand instead of relying on her volleys.

Also, she would keep saying to herself “Come On” to encourage herself.

Although she eventually lost the game in 3 sets (6-4, 3-6, 6-3) nevertheless I liked her approached in handling adversity.