Exhibit featuring modern tattoos coming to CSUN art gallery


Vanessa Padilla

CSUN Inked is an exhibit that will open in the Art Gallery on June 29, 2009. It’s curated by students but the idea for the show came from Dr. Peri Klemm. According to Leah Gudiel, graphic design student, Klemm wanted to compare both modern day tattoos to tattoos from earlier times, but the exhibit focuses on the modern art of tattooing and all of the images are of modern day tattoos.

“When we interviewed student we did ask if they knew anything about the history of tattooing and that’s how we incorporated it. We also have a small paragraph about the history, which focuses on the Samoan tattoos,” said Gudiel.

According to Klemm they wanted to find different out was popular in terms of design and ideas within the student, staff and faculty community. They wanted to learn about experiences they had, the different ways they could get tattoos and why. They also wanted to compare the tattoos they are getting in the United States to the ones people get in other parts of the world.

They interviewed 60 people or the showcase and will have a combination of 40 images and videos on display. The majority of the participants were students, because it more challenging to get staff and faculty to participate.