Department of Police Services offers multiple parking options for students

LaTiere Galvan

One of the many challenges of beginning a semester is parking. Students underestimate the parking situation on campus and struggle with this at the start of each year. CSUN’s parking services are being reinforced for the upcoming semester and students are responsible for taking the necessary steps in order to park on campus.

The Department of Police Services will continue to offer multiple parking options for students who commute to campus through their parking services unit. These options vary based upon students status and need.

Captain Alfredo Fernandez said that there two parking options for commuter students.

“There is general parking and parking designated for student residents,” Fernandez said.

The general parking requires one of the two types of acceptable permits, a daily pass or an S permit, he said.

But there is a cost associated with these parking advantages.

“The parking permits are $180 per semester and $360 for an annual permit,” Fernandez said.

All residential passes $360 and are annual permits.

Some students who commute by automobile use alternative means of parking.  One of the alternatives to parking in campus lots is street parking. Students who have chosen not to purchase parking permits try to take advantage of this opportunity for free cost  parking.

“I decided to start parking off campus,” said Ismael Robles, a senior. “I prefer walking a couple of blocks rather than dealing with the traffic and overcrowding.”

Capt. Fernandez discourages this.

“Parking on the street is not a great option,” Fernandez said. “It’s pretty tough to get a parking space and students will struggle with this.”

Robles used park his car in the campus parking structures before he chose to park on the street.

“I always got so frustrated dealing with campus parking,”  Robles said. “ I tried it out in my freshman year and all I got out of it was a headache.”

But these are not the only options students have for parking as many students commute by bicycle. CSUN’s parking services makes accommodations for bikes on campus. Special assistant to chief of police, Christina Villalobos, said that about two months ago, the department opened a bicycle compound in lot B3 to secure students bicycles.

“The gives a great option to those that commute to school via bicycle,” Villalobos said.

The service is provided through the Department of Police Services and charges students a fee of less than $10 to secure their bicycles 24 hours a day, said Fernandez. The compound holds up to 24 bicycles at any given time, he said.

“It’s a great secure place,” Fernandez said.

Students have personal access to the compound at all times via their I.D or Driver’s license, said Fernandez.

Students also have access to metered parking. Aside from the compound, students may purchase their parking permits online or in the Department of Police Parking Services office. Daily passes can be purchased at the kiosks located in each lot.

Students who do not fulfill their responsibility when parking in any given lot or designated area that requires a permit are subject to citations.

For additional information please visit the Parking and Transportation Services website or head to their office inside the Department of Police Services building.