A.S. gives money to Women’s Research and Resource Center for their programs

Adria Brodie

John Anderson and Dorian Adams-Wilson, the Gender and Women's Studies Student Association president and public relations attended the A.S. meeting to request $9,000 on behalf of the Women's Research and Resource Center. Armando Ruiz/Staff Photographer

Associated Students (A.S.) unanimously voted to allocate $9,000 to the Women’s Research and Resource Center (WRRC) for their annual budget.

Members of the board discussed how funding the WRRC impacts CSUN students and other organizations.

“The ‘Take Back the Night’ event is always successful,” said Neil Sanchez, A.S. vice president. “It has a lot of student involvement.”

Sanchez said the WRRC brings positive criticism to the campus and gives students access to important issues.
“Ideally, this is the kind of stuff we like to fund,” Sanchez said.

He added that the events hosted by the WRRC are important to everyone on campus.

“The issues are not just women’s issues,” Sanchez said.

During the open forum, two senior gender and women’s studies majors stood before the panel and requested funding on behalf of the WRRC.

Funding from A.S. is vital to do events on campus, said John Anderson, 22, gender and women’s studies major and president of the Gender and Women’s  Studies Student Association (GWSSA).

“Our funding has been eliminated,” Anderson said. “We don’t have a budget.”

Anderson added the WRRC brings awareness about issues relevant issues.

“We have information about sexual gender violence, personal health, and women’s issues,” he said.

We want to be visible like fraternities and sororities on campus, said Dorian Adams-Wilson, 25, gender and women’s studies major and public relations director of the GWSSA.

“We do events no one else will do on campus,” she said.

Adams-Wilson added the WRRC is a social place for all students.

“We are the only center in the Valley and on campus where people from the community can pick up brochures about domestic violence and gender issues.”