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Final take: your guide to movie theater releases

Summertime has evaporated and most blockbusters have been unveiled, but several solid films will be released in September.


The American
George Clooney is Jack, an assassin, who decides to execute one last assignment after a horribly gone wrong mission in Sweden.  In Italy, Jack hides away in a small town, but his final assignment is not what it appears.  The movie resembles a European film furnished with an American star, so the average George Clooney fan probably will not appreciate this film, categorized as an action thriller.


Who said trailers can’t develop and deliver good movies? Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete,” originally constructed as a fictional trailer shown in between “Grindhouse” (2007), a double feature exploitation film directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarrantino. The trailer surfaced as the most talked about aspect of “Grindhouse.” An ex-Federale (Danny Trejo) plots revenge against an American businessman (Jeff Fahey) and a politician (Robert DeNiro) after being double-crossed. The film also stars action star Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba, co-mingled with an abundance of action.


Resident Evil: Afterlife
Alice (Milla Jovovich) returns once again to eradicate the evil Umbrella Corporation in Los Angeles. In its heyday, “Resident Evil” overshadowed all video games around and lingers to this day as the only flourishing video game film franchise. If you cherish the series, chances are you will love this film just as much. Hopefully, this is the concluding chapter and what worthier way to terminate the series than to splatter and spread blood, carnage and zombies across the screen in 3D.


The Town
Too early to create award buzz? Ben Affleck follows up his Academy Award nominated directorial debut, “Gone Baby Gone,” with another action crime thriller set in Boston. Affleck writes, directs, and stars as Doug MacRay. Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) costars as Jem Coughlin, Doug’s best friend. The film follows four successful Charlestown, MA bank robbers, but what happens when one thief falls in love with a bank manager during a heist? “Mad Men’s” John Hamm portrays a crafty FBI agent in pursuit, while Blake Lively plays Doug’s ex-girlfriend and Jem’s sister, Krista Coughlin. Possessing a great eye for approach, guidance and purpose, this film should solidify Affleck as a bonafide director.  








Bio pics remain problematic to construct, especially when you create one about bohemian, non-conformist writer Allen Ginsberg.  James Franco (“Spiderman” and “Pineapple Express”) portrays the beat generation poet as the movie focuses around the 1957 obscenity trial concerning the publication of Ginsberg’s “Howl and Other Poems.”  The film cross-examines three parts: Ginsberg’s early life in New York, an animated re-imaging of “Howl”, and the San Francisco obscenity trial.  The film co-stars David Strathairn (“Good Night, and Good Luck”), John Hamm (“Mad Men”), Mary-Louise Parker (“Weeds”) and Jeff Daniels (“Dumb and Dumberer”).  It appears to be a noteworthy indie flick worth checking out.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Twenty years ago, a wise man once said, “Greed is good.”  That motto reverberated the 80s, 90s and the early millennium mentality to our present Great Recession.  Gordon Gekko reappears as a financial writer promoting his book, Is Greed Good?, and tries to rebuild his relationship with daughter Winnie (Carey Mulligan from “An Education”).  She is currently dating young stock trader Jacob Moore (Shia LaBeouf from “Transformers), reminiscent of Charlie Sheen’s Bud Fox from the original film. Josh Brolin (“No Country For Old Men”) co-stars as LaBeouf’s colleague and competitor. Did a classic really require a sequel?

You Again
Kristen Bell returns as a romantic comedy leading lady. Bell plays Marni, who discovers that her brother is marrying her high school rival, Joanna. The film reveals that Marni’s mom, Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis), and Joanna’s Aunt Ramona, (Sigourney Weaver) also competed as high school rivals. The supporting cast of Betty White (“The Proposal”) as Grandma Bunny and Kristin Chenoweth (“Pushing Daisies”) as wedding planner Monique Leroux redeem an otherwise unfruitful, romantic comedy.

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