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Clubs and organizations to temporarily receive less money from Associated Students

Augustín Garibay, activities coordinator for clubs and organizations, advises the Associated Students Senate to attend the Annual Recognition Conference in an attempt to meet more than 270 student organizations. Photo Credit: Misael Virgen / Assistant Photo Editor

CSUN clubs and organizations will receive less funding in the next couple of weeks until Associated Students (A.S.) receives its portion of freshman student fees.

Vahan Khodanian, A.S. director of finance, said during his report Tuesday that the current balance for clubs and organizations is $1,415.

“I want clubs and organizations to include the urgency of their request because as of now the funding amounts will be small until closer to the end of the year,” Khodanian said. “If they come back later, they will get more money.”

David Crandall, A.S. general manager, said A.S. should recognize that student organizations have the ability to receive tax-deductible donations through agency fund accounts.

A.S. has more student organizations with agency funds than annual budget requests, Crandall said.

He added that agency funds allowed student organizations the flexibility to use their money for other requests not stipulated in their budget request submitted to A.S.

“A.S.’s financial relationship with student organizations is more than allocating funding for events,” Crandall said. “We help student organizations keep money on campus.”

Crandall said student organizations, which solicit donations from businesses and family members, can deposit those funds into their agency accounts and because A.S. is a nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

Augustín Garibay, activities coordinator for clubs and organizations at the Matador Involvement Center (MIC), said during open forum that the Annual Recognition Conference is a great opportunity for the A.S. Senate members to meet more than 270 student organizations in one sitting.

“I invite you to meet with your constituents because it’s important for student organizations to know what it is you do,” Garibay said.

He added that the Annual Recognition Conference provides student leaders the training and information needed to be a successful organization on campus.

Student organizations would have the opportunity to attend several workshops led by Khodanian that address the development of leadership skills, clubs and organization compliance and A.S. funding, he said.

Garibay said Khodanian would educate student organizations about the funding process between A.S. and student organizations and how student organizations could open an agency fund, which is similar to a club’s  savings account.

The Annual Recognition Conference will take place Saturday at 9:40 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the University Student Union‘s (USU) Plaza del Sol. Early registration starts at 8:50 a.m.

Crandall added that he wanted A.S. Senate members to understand the importance of being visible at the Annual Recognition Conference because A.S. had both a student and financial correlation with student organizations.

“I believe the relationship A.S. has with its constituents is most powerful and effective when A.S. is connected to student organizations,” Crandall said.

Crandall added that he wanted A.S. Senate members to participate in the conference because the  organizations on campus have a closer relationship with the community than A.S.

“Student organizations have an opportunity to reach more people than A.S.,” Crandall said. “If both reach out to each other, they can learn a lot and be more effective on campus.”

Crandall said he invites student organizations to attend Senate meetings as a powerful and educational experience.

“When I see a student come in and ask the Senate for money, I can tell that they are nervous,” Crandall said. “However, I cherish when I see them come in for a second time with more confidence because I know it was an educational experience to speak in front of strangers to request money.”

Crandall added that students’ relationship between A.S. and on-campus organizations is also important because student organizations rely on A.S. to fund student-oriented events.

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