Students and campus workers battle the heat

Britten Fay

Classes and work don’t go on hold just because CSUN is being blasted with furnace-like heat. The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat watch for the San Fernando Valley, with temperature highs ranging from 107 to 111.

Some students have taken advantage of the misters at the bookstore dining area but right next door at the construction site of the Valley Performing Arts Center, workers don’t have that luxury.

“Hell no, we don’t get special breaks,” said James Tate, who installs acoustic tiles at the VPAC. “They want you to work twice as hard.”

Tate also said they always make sure to bring enough water and that he’ll go through six liters on a day like today.

Most visitors to the Freudian Sip were ordering water or ice coffee but 26-year-old Biology major Aya Toyoshima ordered hot tea.

“I get really cold indoors, I don’t do really well in AC,” Toyoshima said.

She said she isn’t immune to the heat, despite her hot tea.

The oppressive heat hasn’t chased everyone inside, but the shady spots are crowded.  Some CSUN students are outside, checking out clothes, jewelry, guitars and more at the Matador Mall by Bayramian Hall, while other are studying in the shade.

Eighteen-year-old computer science major Michael Briseno passed by the fair with his books.

“It (the heat) bothers me, but I can deal with it,” he said.  “I’ve got no option, I’ve got classes.”

Others like Senior Scott Knudsen, a 21-year-old accounting major, are struggling a little more with the heat.

“It’s not helping, I can’t figure this problem out,” Knudsen said.