Professor’s editorial in LA Times supporting tuition increases sparks silent demonstration

Armando Ruiz

Senior History and Central American studies major Jorge Moraga and senior Broadcast journalism major Julissa Reyes protest the budget cuts on the second floor stairs of University Hall. Photo Credit: Armando Ruiz / Staff Photographer

Concerned CSUN students gathered outside the door of an economics class Wednesday afternoon as part of a silent demonstration.

Students came out in response to an Op-Ed article Professor Shirley V. Svorny wrote for the L.A. Times titled, “Make College Cost More.” The article that was published Nov. 22, 2010 stated that lower college tuition fees make higher education attainable to students who are not made for college.

“Artificially low fees attract some students to higher education who simply aren’t suited to the academic rigors of a university,” Svorny said in the article.

Students who walked into Svorny’s Economics 350 class were handed a flyer with information regarding the article.

Jonnae Thompson, one of the students who was arrested during the March 4 demonstration against the budget cuts, held a sign that read, “unprincipled economics.”

As Svorny walked in to her classroom she asked the demonstrators if they have ever taken an economics class.

Thompson responded by informing Svorny that it was a silent demonstration.

Later, the group walked to University Hall to ask the CSUN’s administration to support them against the budget cuts.

“We don’t feel they’re (administration) supporting the students,” said Cathie Pacheco, sophomore, systems operation major.

The demonstrators walked through the halls and up the stairs of the second floor chanting, “No more fee hikes, no more fee hikes.”

They rallied on the stairs of the second floor before meeting with Provost Harry Hellenbrand to discuss their concerns.