CSUN student arrested in Sierra Hall

Samantha Tata

UPDATE: The unidentified CSUN student is Freddy Jesse Carias, 23, who was arrested on suspicion of spousal abuse, a felony charge, according to court records. Carias was booked at Valley Jail in Van Nuys and is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

BEFORE: An unidentified CSUN student was arrested outside of Sierra Hall Room 190 Wednesday afternoon.

Five CSUN University Police officers were posted at all exits of Sierra Hall’s main floor lobby waiting for the student to finish his midterm before placing him under arrest at about 2:45 p.m.  The student was wearing a gray Pepperdine University sweatshirt and khaki pants at the time of the arrest.

University Police took the student into custody before handing him over to LAPD, who set the warrant for his arrest, said Christina Villalobos, special assistant to the chief of police and public information officer.

Classmate Kylie Bamber, 21, said the police were waiting outside of the door and immediately grabbed the student and placed him under arrest following his completion of the Philosophy 349: Contemporary Social and Political Issues exam.

Professor Adam Swenson, the exam proctor, said the police told students trying to exit the room they could not leave because an arrest was taking place outside of the door.

“One of them stuck their head in after and told us it was okay,” he said.

Witness Catherine Guzman, 20, said she was waiting in the lobby when she saw police men take their position at the entryways and escorted students out of the hall.

She described the arrest as “quiet” although she heard some talking among the police.