MIC invites students to attend new club workshops this fall

Angela Braza

Students interested in starting a new club on campus can attend a series of new club workshops starting Thursday, Sept. 8 hosted by the Matador Involvement Center (MIC).

“The great thing about starting a new club is that there’s no deadline,” said Jennifer Villarreal, activities assistant for the MIC. “The interest in creating a new club is like the ebb and flow of waves. They come and go but our workshops are available throughout the year to assist students and help them get started at any time.”

New club workshops are designed to help students understand the basic requirements of creating a club and the necessary steps to get their organization up and running, Villarreal said.

Students can review university recognition standards, write a constitution for their club, review the approval timeline and go over various policies for starting and maintaining a campus organization.

Students can sign up for the workshop at the MIC, located on the first floor of the University Student Union Sol Center.
Prior to registering for the workshop, Villarreal suggests that students browse the 270 clubs already listed in the campus club directory.

“Chances are the club students want to create already exists, so it’s important that they take the time to investigate to lessen the duplication of clubs,” she said.

Those who miss the first few opportunities to attend a new club workshop need not fret.

The MIC hosts 20 new club workshops each semester, said Villarreal.

For more information on the new club workshops and the basics of starting a new club, students can visit the MIC website.