Arraignment delayed for former CSUN student accused of burglarizing dorms

Ashley Soley-Cerro

The arraignment for former CSUN student accused of burglarizing 22 dorms between October 2010 and April 2011 has been postponed until Oct. 17 at his lawyer’s request.

Christian Hunter-Sheppard, 20, was arrested July 20 and charged with five counts of residential burglary and one count of possession of a loaded handgun, found in his car during a police search, said Christina Villalobos, spokeswoman for CSUN police.

Hunter-Sheppard’s lawyer, Andrew Lund, requested the arraignment be postponed to review any evidence the police may have.

Police claim Hunter-Sheppard confessed when arrested, but Hunter-Sheppard said he has not signed anything and is not involved, Lund said.

“We all watch court TV, we know forensic evidence capability, if you have a confession, why wouldn’t you have a recording?” Lund said.

Police connected one person to nearly two dozen burglaries because the burglar would prop open the front door with furniture or a chair, theoretically so the burglar would hear if someone came in the room and get away by jumping out of a window, Lund said.

“Even (if you could argue) my client is guilty, which he is not, to use that as the connection is stupid,” Lund said. “That’s burglary 101, any stupid fool would figure that out, it’s not a signature.”

His attorney maintains Hunter-Sheppard’s innocence but the defendant has not yet given an alibi for where he was at the time of the burglaries.

“I have not spoken with him about an alibi, I like to get all the evidence before we have an in-depth conversation,” Lund said.

Police obtained a warrant in July to search Hunter-Sheppard’s Reseda residence, Villalobos said.  Police found a stolen laptop after the owner, who had a tracking device installed, reported the theft.

CSUN police have questioned if Hunter-Sheppard could be connected to the increase in burglaries beginning September 2010, Villalobos said. There were 19 reported burglaries in fall 2010, and 13 in the spring semester.

Additional charges could be filed if more victims come forward or more stolen property is found, she added.