CSUN Campus Ministry Organization offers prayer for students

Sarah Lorsch

CSUN’s Campus Ministry Organization welcomes visitors and newcomers to visit them at a tent outside the Matador Bookstore every day this week, and every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in following weeks.

The Campus Ministry Organization’s purpose is to give students on campus a chance to receive prayer from students that have gone through training to do so, said James Chung, club president and junior business major, 20.

“Some people see the (prayer) sign and come up but don’t know what to do,” Chung said about the prayer tent. “We’ll talk to them about the group and then ask if they need prayer. Half the time they do.”

This Organization is a Christian group that focuses on getting people together for religious purposes as well as helping communities through both global and domestic outreach.

“We invite anyone from any religion,” said Cindy Gastelum, secretary of the club and junior business management major, 20. “Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, but it’s a Christian organization so we are talking about Christianity.”

This week, the Ministry Organization will have their prayer tent every day because they are looking to recruit new members Gastelum said.

“Every day is a recruitment opportunity, Chung said. “People out there want to help out and we are always open, so come join us.”