Associated Students allocate funding for trip to American Collegiate Hockey Association National Championship

Jessica Jewell

People filled the seats of the Grand Salon Tuesday as A.S. called a special meeting on a resolution to approve $20,310 to the CSUN Ice Hockey Club. The club is attending the American Collegiate Hockey Association National Championship March 12 – 18 in New Jersey.

“This is a huge financial burden on my family sitting here,” said Director of Finance Anthony Kendryna and a captain of the CSUN club.

Some senators expressed concern over past fiscal decisions that denied other groups funding for their events or activities.

We need to “consider past actions and think about what we’re doing here—if we make decisions based on friendship… We need to make responsible decisions,” said Senator Laguae Felix.

Senator Cinzia Lettieri emphasized that some of the most financially conservative senators who voted against granting $800 to CSUN’s Joint Advocates on Disordered Eating, said JADE could affect the majority of CSUN constituents, but this week they voted in favor of funding over $20,000 to an athletic group with 27 members.

Senator William Ryder expressed the importance of avoiding, “semantical (sic) debates over consistency,” in the discussion.

A long line formed during open forum when members and supporters of the CSUN Ice Hockey Club spoke, appealing to the board.

“They’ve been model citizens and represent the school well,” said volunteer Coach Steve Gale.

President Amanda Flavin took the opportunity to address the senators during open forum, “It’s an opportunity for this board to bring national recognition to this school.”

The total cost requested included: 25 plane tickets priced at $13,750; eight hotel rooms costing $4,560; four seven-passenger vans and a cargo van, $2,000; facility costs, $2,450; game fee, $815; meal costs, $805; and fuel costs at $500—totaling $24,880, $20,310 of which was approved from the unassigned contingency budget that now stands at $138,691.

The board granted funding to the club two years ago when they had competed at the national level in Florida.

“If you can look at those boys’ faces and say we aren’t sending them to nationals because you didn’t do your homework I will be thoroughly disgusted with this board,” Flavin said.

Applause erupted from the audience when the resolution passed on the floor.