Richard Simmons shows CSUN students how to Lecturecise


Stefanie De Leon Tzic

Photo Illustration by Charlie Kaijo

CSUN students celebrated National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day with 80’s fitness icon Richard Simmons. More than 200 students gathered at the Student Recreation Center for Simmons’ Lecturecise.

The event emphasized the key role of exercise in healthy living, especially among college students. The stress that surrounds grades often leads students to allot most of their time to their academics and forget about exercising, according to Simmons.

Students exercised and danced to the tune of both 80’s and modern music. Simmons’ eccentric personality kept the crowd engaged and soon captivated students working out in the third floor of the SRC to get off their machines and watch.

“I try to weave a spell around them,” Simmons said. “In this workout we cleansed our blood and got toxins out in our sweat. This is what we need every single day and if you don’t get it, you put yourself on the back-burner and then one day you wake up and you’re a diabetic.”

This year, the University Student Union chose an 80’s theme and Simmons fit in.

“We didn’t want to bring in a lecture exerciser, so we brought Simmons because he’s inspirational and brings such energy,” said Sam Baker, USU event assistant for lectures and culture.

According to Baker, it’s hard for students to keep track of being healthy and this event was a good way to remind them.

Exercising and good energy is very important, according to Jimmy Francia, 25, a recreational management junior and dance teacher in Hollywood.

“As a dance teacher, I like the energy he brings out of people, he’s Mr. Energy,” Francia said. “I’m actually hoping to steal some tips from him.”

Along with promoting a healthy living, Simmons encouraged students to realize their dreams during a heart to heart after the Lecturecise.

“He gave a good message and brought a great energy and not a lot of people can do that,” said Mario Solano, 21, a junior majoring in psychology. “I’m sure you can have anybody up there, but Richard Simmons is in a league of his own.”