Associated Students allocate money for March on March protest

Jessica Jewell

Associated Students allocated $5,448 Tuesday to fund CSUN students to join the March for Higher Education (also known as March on March) in Sacramento.

The motion enables CSUN students to join other students and activists to mobilize and appeal to politicians in a protest to raise awareness surrounding ongoing budget cuts.

Organizer of the event, Senator Malek Al-Marayati, emphasized the integral nature of the trip.

“We’ll be demanding legislature and politicians of the state to acknowledge our presence as students and citizens,” Al-Marayati said.

The trip’s budget originally stood at $4,800, but was amended to $5,448 to accommodate student’s food costs.

Two buses will transport participating students Sunday night to arrive in Sacramento by Monday morning. Students will stay for the protest, leaving in the early afternoon to return to CSUN by Monday night. The approved budget includes the bus trip, water and food.

A.S. General Manager David Crandall spoke about the march.

“The conversation in Sacramento will be heavily populated by passionate people from across the state,” Crandall said.

According to the Sacramento Press, an estimated 13,000 students and faculty members marched in the rain last year.

The Huffington Post reports that if voters do not approve Brown’s budget, there will be additional cuts of $200 million to both the UC and CSU systems starting in July.

Sponsors of March on March include California State Student Association, University of California Student Association and the Student Senate for California Community Colleges.

Students interested in joining the event can sign up in the A.S. office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. through Friday.