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‘The Walking Dead’ recap (episode 7, season 3) spoiler alert

The first confrontation between the two groups is near, with Michonne joining Rick’s group and leading them towards Woodbury.

The interrogation of Glenn and Maggie begins at the start of the episode, with each in separate rooms.  Merle takes a jab at trying to get Glenn to crack first, but Glenn gets the first shot with a headbutt to Merle’s face.

Michonne is taken into the prison after being swarmed by walkers after her “stink” wears off.  Rick and the group are leery of her, refusing her entry into their cellblock, but offer her help.  Michonne is interrogated by Rick, setting her off after Rick tries to touch her gunshot wound, forcing her to talk.  She informs them of where Glenn and Maggie have been taken to.

Glenn takes a beating from Merle, his face all bloody and bruised during the interrogation.  Glenn tries to scare Merle that everyone is coming for him, however his lie is given away when he says Andrea is still with them.

Carl is left in charge of the prison while Rick, Daryl and Oscar search for Woodbury.  Rick’s newborn daughter is finally given a name by Carl, named Judith after his third grade teacher.

A walker is released into Glenn’s room as he is tied to a chair by Merle, as retribution for leaving him on the roof in Atlanta.  A struggle ensues between Glenn and the walker, with Glenn outsmarting the walker and ultimately killing it.

Milton’s experiments at Woodbury gets weirder as Andrea is dragged into it by the Governor.  They experiment with a dying man, wanting to know if memories are stored after becoming a walker.

Andrea is there to restrain him and kill him once he turns.  Milton takes off the restraints to get a better reaction from the man, and Andrea is forced to kill him before Milton is bitten.

The Governor personally interrogates Maggie, and his creepiness is magnified as he forces her to strip and leers at her like a creeper.  Maggie refuses to talk, and what happens between her and the Governor is unknown.

As the group is led to Woodbury by Michonne, they come upon a walker horde, and happen upon a hunting cabin in the woods.  Someone is living in the cabin, who obviously doesn’t understand what is going on outside, saying he is calling the cops over their trespassing.  Michonne kills him as he tries to let the walkers in, and is fed to them as bait while the group makes their escape.

A beaten Glenn is reunited with a topless Maggie, whereupon Maggie gives up the groups’ location as the Governor points a gun at Glenn’s head.  Upon hearing that the prison was cleared out by a group of 10, the Governor questions Merle’s loyalty to him.  A scout group is sent out to check on the prison, while Rick and his group wait at Woodbury’s gates to enter.

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