Final Flip feeds students during stressful time

Casey Delich

The patio of the Oviatt Library transformed Wednesday into a winter wonderland for students to help relieve pre-final jitters and enjoy free food provided by Associated Students.

In its second year, A.S. organizes the event on the Wednesday before each semester’s finals week. Final Flip provides students with pancakes, fruits, drinks, arts and crafts, and massages all free of charge.

“Final Flip is done every year right before finals, this year the theme is Winter Wonderland,” said Eric Planas, executive producer of Associated Students Productions.  “It’s to get everyone relaxed and a boost to help with finals.”

Students started lining up early in order to get first dibs on the food and massages provided to everyone. Students were able to dive into pancakes, including toppers like blueberries and whipped cream, along with fruits and drinks.

“I think it’s good for students who take advantage of the library being open late and spend their time studying, so they might not be able to eat a good meal,” said Rachel Gelfond, a senior deaf studies major.

An arts and crafts table allowed students to use their creativity to build “gingerbread” houses and men in between eating and relaxing.

Based on a program a graduate assistant had experienced at her previous school, Final Flip is an event that has been a success for A.S. in previous semesters.

“We adapted it from them, it was like a breakfast at night, the final flip, which is like flipping pancakes. Just a little breakfast at night in front of the library because everyone is up all night doing their finals,” said Planas.

Holiday music blasted throughout the tents set up to give the event more of a holiday theme.  An ugly sweater contest among those in attendance was held, awarding the winners with CSUN sweaters.

As the crowd streamed out of the tents with pancakes in hand, students had smiles on their faces and a hot meal on their plate, off-putting the thoughts of finals from their heads.

“Finals get really stressing, especially the week prior too, so you just want something to relieve stress come out and have some fun with friends,” said Saul Rodriguez, psychology sophomore.