Gov. Jerry Brown to make third State of the State speech

Christina Cocca

Gov. Jerry Brown will give his third State of the State speech Thursday.

Brown recently released his proposed budget for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, which included an additional $125.1 million to the CSU system.

He will likely address the increased budget for education after his success with the passage of Proposition 30, legislature he heavily endorsed.

Other likely discussion topics for Brown include a proposal to build an underground canal to deliver Sacramento River water across the Delta to Southern California, his $69 billion high-speed rail project and his plans on whether he will reform the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

With last year’s speech focused on how California was “on the mend” from a deficit of more than $20 billion, Brown’s upcoming speech may reference his January announcement of California’s budget which is now “in the black” and out of its deficit, potentially looking at several years of surpluses.

Brown will also speak to Californians about the state’s biggest issues, which he has has listed as in-state jobs, education, budgetary success, environmental protection, clean energy jobs, pension reform, sufficient water supply and civil rights.