A.S. discusses iPad initiative and options on spring election ballot

A.S. discusses iPad initiative and options on spring election ballot

Taylor Villescas

A.S. President Sydni Powell and Vice President Christopher Woolett discuss the iPad initiative. File Photo / Daily Sundial

Associated Students met Friday to discuss the new iPad Initiative, and a survey for students that will be on the ballot during the upcoming elections.

Vice President Christopher Woolett had met with the Academic Technology Committee (ATC) and the Advisory Committee on Academic Technology (ACAT) earlier in the week to discuss new technology on campus.

The biggest issue was the integration of iPads in many classes at CSUN, possibly by Fall 2013. Woolett clarified that the iPads would mostly be for upper-division courses. Only a few majors have been confirmed so far, including biology, journalism and kinesiology.

President Sydni Powell added that one of the few concerns over the iPad Initiative is whether it will be seen as an “unintentional endorsement” of the Apple company’s less than ethical business practices.

Powell acknowledged the fear, but maintained that their main priority was the advancement of students through this initiative.

Woolett also discussed another technological possibility, a program called Lecture Capture:

“It’s the idea of flipping the classroom,” Woolett said. “Instead of coming into class and listening to a lecture, you would do that for homework.”

The program would allow for class time that would be spent lecturing to be spent doing group work or clarifying information. ACT and ACAT reported that when used in trial runs, 70 percent of students watch the lectures.

Before adjourning, the Senate looked over a survey that will be presented to students on the Spring 2013 elections ballot.

Students will have the chance to give their opinion on topics such as the creation of a Matador football team, a Freshman Orientation Camp and the development of a Matador Bike program, which would rent, repair or even sell bikes on campus.