Students could face citations for drug, alcohol violations on campus

Joanna Jacobo

Reported alcohol and drug violations at CSUN Student Housing have increased as students welcome the spring semester.

According to the CSUN police department crime log, almost one violation per day was reported involving alcohol and drug consumption taking place in student housing, the week prior to the start of the semester.

“You may not see violations every day,” said Christina Villalobos, public information officer at the Department of Police Services.

However, she confirms that it is the job of the community policing team to be vigilant and constantly be in contact with students on campus.

Campus regulations strictly prohibit the consumption of any illicit drugs and/or alcohol by students, both on-campus and off-campus while attending university functions.

For students involved in the illicit activity, there are two forms of approaches. “They can be issued a citation by the officer or the incident will undergo a judicial process by student affairs,” said Villalobos.

The most recent report from CSUN PD states that a total of 57 arrests were made pertaining to liquor and drug violations on campus.