The yin and yang of food: chocolate and vanilla

Jake Fredericks

Some enjoy chocolate and vanilla swirled in an ice cream cone, while others are steadfast in their determination to keep them apart. It is debatable which flavor reigns supreme, but you never hear anyone say, “You’re so chocolate,” when referencing another’s bland decision. Instead, vanilla was thrown under the bus of sweet treats. In honor of Valentine’s Day this Friday, our chef-in-residence will be providing you with a few cooking tips and some sultry recipes incorporating the yin and yang of the confectionary kingdom.

Tasty Trivia: Chocolate in my Entreé?

Chocolate is utilized as much for its savory characteristics as its sweet. The flavor profiles and versatility lend to chocolate’s numerous applications in entrees, typically as sauces to pair with a dish’s the primary protein. If you love Spanish food, you may have stumbled across a popular menu item call mole. Mole is a chocolate-based sauce reinvisioned by nuances in Mexican-American cuisine. Although common usage today incorporates chocolate in the dish, the traditional mole was created as a base sauce made from chilis, and consumed with fish or poultry in a simmering stew.