Latest Art Gallery exhibit to showcase LA artists’ ‘self portraits’

Jamie Gonzaga

CSUN will be opening a new art exhibit on Feb. 15 called This is Not A Self Portrait, which focuses on eight contemporary artists based in Los Angeles. The artists used their own body, image or likeness to create unique self-portraits.

Mario Ontiveros, curator of the exhibit, said many of the artists will be attending opening night to show support for their work.

“They transform the concept of the self portrait,” Ontiveros said.

Some of the artists have graduated art school in past 10 years, others have been working since 1972.

“It’s a multi generational group of artists,” Ontiveros said.

Students should expect to see an array of artwork such as paintings, video pieces, installation work, photography and drawing. There will be also be artwork made out of cardboard, paper and glue.

A popular piece that will be featured is a painting by the artist, Mario Ybarra Jr. called “The Invisible Man.”

The painting looks at the Invisible Man from the Universal films and horror movies from the 20th century.

“It’s a play on the idea of the Invincible Man that the artist places himself in that position,” Ontiveros said.

Ontiveros said that on Mar. 22, there will be a roundtable discussion with the artists for students who may be interested because students will have a chance to talk with them.

The Art Gallery is open Monday through Saturday, from noon to 4 p.m., and on Thursday, from noon to 8 p.m.