Meals on wheels, a cultural phenomenon

Jake Fredericks

In 2009, spiraling downward trends in the economy forced Los Angeles’ prospective restaurateurs to reconceptualize the meaning of “dining out.” Instead of restaurants as a destination, keen culinary artists flipped the food industry on its head by bringing food directly to the consumer. Decommissioned service and delivery vehicles were transformed into mobile haute cuisine meccas, drawing throngs of foodies from every part of town. Food trucks reinvigorated the market and quickly established themselves as the future of food. Everything from pizza to curry are waiting to be discovered and new food trucks continue to pop up monthly throughout Los Angeles. Panache and originality is the name of the game for food trucks, typically transcribed in the truck’s name: Me So Hungry, India Jones, Lomo Arigato, Serendoggity. However, a truck’s name, no matter how clever, is only as good as the food it dishes out. Failure to provide meals commensurate with price and quality can spell D-O-O-M for a budding truck. Likewise, in a market that has steadily become oversaturated with sub-par taco and deli sandwich variants, the glamour of food trucks is waning.

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