The Spring Collection vol. 5


Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Vincent Nguyen

What a week it was for big named artists. Coachella-bound blues group Alabama Shakes dropped a fiery track that is probably one of the best songs put out last week. Drake and Kendrick Lamar also gave fans new material to talk about. New artists are also named on this week’s edition as well, with Daniel Caesar and The Wombats making the list for the first time. We had help from our Editor-in-Chief Andrew Martinez and Assistant Culture Clash Editor Tamara Syed on putting two songs on the list, with their additions of Two-9 and SAINT WKND.

Got any requests? Tweet at @reportervince for any tunes to go on SOTW, and stay tuned for a Songs of the Month coming at the end of February, highlighting all of the songs that have come out in this short month.