Students on alert after shots fired


Armed police enter CSUN dorms in search of shooting suspects on March 5. (Leni Maiai / Contributor)

Brooke Holland

CSUN students had mixed reactions to the news of a shots-fired incident near University housing.

“All the phones went off in my class. I don’t know what to think about it, if people were shot or injured,” Jackson Higgins, 19, civil engineering major said. “My dad called me right after this email.”

Vincent Escamilla, 21, was also in class when he got the call.

“The phone rang and doors started locking. My professor made sure the door was closed and locked,” said Escamilla, a sociology and criminology major. “The campus police responded really fast.”

Campus emergency notification sent messages through email and phone call.

“For the last half hour everything was blowing up,” Alan Braxton, 20, communication major.

Elizet Zapien, public relations major, said she was in the library when she received the message.

“I was shocked a little bit. I didn’t really know what to think…I thought I was pretty safe in there,” Zapien.

Students living in campus housing area were advised to stay inside their dorm rooms while police searched the area for the suspects.

“It’s an inconvenience to me but I’ve been in schools on lockdowns before,” said sophomore Michael Carden, 20, political science major.

Stella Lee, a sophomore resident at Southern Wood Hall, said police searched the residency halls but did not enter her room.