Earth-conscious brands to wear now

Earth-conscious brands to wear now

Madeline Sensibile

More and more fashion brands these days are doing their part to minimize their ecological footprint by wasting less, recycling clothing and using environmental-conscious materials. If you’re looking for new brands to wear that are conscious of the planet we live on, check out these brands below.

The Reformation

Founded by Yael Aflalo, The Reformation is based in Los Angeles, and is doing exactly what its brand name suggests. Its clothes are made from deadstock fabrics and sustainable fabrics, and are made using extremely eco-friendly practices. Deadstock fabrics are fabrics that have never been used previously, but have most likely been sitting in a warehouse for years.

Some brands stop at simply making sustainable clothes, but The Reformation has made sure its factories and stores match its mission. The Reformation uses only renewable power sources at its HQ, as well as a gray water recycling system. The clothes are a bit pricey, but when a company willingly tells you how your clothing is made, its worth the cash. If you like feminine silhouettes and perfectly tailored vintage Levi’s, The Reformation is for you.

Urban Renewal

Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal has been around for quite some time, but recently, the brand has been creating some beautiful and conscientious pieces you can’t find anywhere else. Urban Renewal specializes in recycled denim and cotton pieces, but also collaborates frequently with up-and-coming eco-conscious designers, like Proud Mary and Riverside Tool & Dye.

The brand also carries its fair share of deadstock and found vintage pieces, whether it be for your closet, jewelry box or apartment. Urban Renewal is for the girl that deeply cares about the environment all while looking like she just stepped out of her magical workspace where she creates super cool ceramics and handmade pieces.

Matt & Nat

Most brands stick strictly to creating clothing that gives back, but what about accessories? Well, you’re about to hit the mother lode of animal and earth conscious accessories, friends. Canada-based, Matt & Nat, has been creating incredible vegan accessories since 1995. Its accessories do not harm animals in any way, nor harm your styles. Sometimes, animal-conscious brands aren’t very stylish, but that is so not the case with Matt & Nat.

The main materials are recycled, and its products are all lined with material made totally out of recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that? Matt & Nat also focuses on transparency, which means that the customer should always know where the product comes from. This brand not only gives back by being cruelty-free, but it’s also conscious of the people that work for them.

Osborn Shoes

Brooklyn-based Osborn shoes was founded in 2008, and creates some of the most beautiful handmade shoes on the market right now. They call their brand a “humanitarian fashion project,” and solely use fair-trade fabrics. The brand does use leather for some products, but are coming out with a vegan line this year. Like various other eco-friendly brands, Osborn makes sure that each pair is made to a tee, and that their workers are treated ethically.

Yes, these brands may be on the pricier side, but lessening your environmental footprint is far more worth it than putting your money into brands that disregard the environment. All 3 of the above brands focus on sustainability from start to finish, and that is the most important thing to remember next time you shop: how a company creates the best possible output for you, and for the earth.

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly fashion brands to shop regularly? What can brands do to lessen their environmental footprint and better their manufacturing practices?