Sundial Songs of the Week 14: dreaming of summer

Sundial Songs of the Week 14: dreaming of summer

Vincent Nguyen

With a couple of weeks left in the spring semester, the timely end to the Spring Collection is unfortunately upon us. Students are looking forward to graduating, but in the meantime, a new edition of the Sundial Songs of the Week will be the one thing to focus on. The playlist opens up with Seoul’s “Stay With Us,” a track that sounds like a more laid back version of Empire of the Sun’s “Alive,” and it’s a song that you can play as you’re coasting along the Pacific Coast Highway.

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The highlight of this playlist is definitely Dayme Arocena’s jazzy tune “Don’t Unplug My Body.” She skats a bit before the tune gets down and forces you to turn it up and bump it in the car as you’re driving down Reseda Blvd. Dead Sara’s “Something Good” is certainly the feel-good track on the list, with a bumping bass-line that just puts a smile on your face. Leisure’s “Got It Bad,” brings a relaxing vibe to the list, and the tune is very reminiscent of a Tame Impala tune, only a little less psychedelic, and a bit jazzier.

The days are numbered in this semester, finals are upon us, and graduation is getting ever so close. So try to relax and enjoy this week’s playlist.

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