Sundial Songs of the Week 15: finals are near

Sundial Songs of the Week 15: finals are near

Vincent Nguyen

It’s almost finals week so hold on and don’t give up yet! We are almost to the end, and here is a playlist to prep you for week of hell also known as finals.

This is a really funky, jazzy tracklist, featuring some new tracks from the old artists! Panic! At the Disco is back with a new single that’s pretty upbeat, and definitely roaming through the radio waves as we speak. “Vinyl Skip” by Austrailian artist W A L L A C E is first off the list and it’s well-deserved; definitely a track to grace your ears with the jazzy vibe.

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Eryn Allen Kane’s “Have Mercye” should definitely have mercy on anyone’s soul with her poetic song that feels like you’re in a club for open mic night. Those are the highlights, but definitely check out the other tracks in our last volume of the Spring Collection. Good luck on finals, and congratulations to those who are graduating!

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