Geek Clash Ep. 31- Mom’s Basement


Trevor Stamp

The end of the spring semester is finally here and Geek Clash has your summer covered. Listen in as the crew puts together a summer preview of all the movies, television shows and video games coming out. This is also Trevor Stamp’s last episode, so there’s that. Now it’s time to break character.

Geek Clash has been some of my favorite content I’ve done for the Sundial. It’s gone through changes and the result is a podcast filled with lots of love for all things geek. This will be my will last post for the Sundial, which I’ve been a part of as a photographer since the Fall 2013 semester.

By the way, if you interested in this week’s title for the episode, I urge you to listen to last few minutes to learn about it’s origin.

Listen to last week’s episode here

Be sure to stick with Geek Clash as Lita and Danny will keep it going with a slightly different format. But until then, thank you for listening.