Musician Monday: Antonio Hurtabo


Antonio Hurtabo playing his jazz guitar in front of Cypress Hall. Photo credit: Nick Barrile

Nick Barrile

Antonio Hurtabo a 27- year old Senior at CSUN majoring in Breadth Studies (a flexible program that fuses all kinds of musical interests) can be found filling Cypress Hall with one of his passions, Peruvian Jazz. After picking up his first guitar at the age of 13 in order to play with friends, Hurtabo began playing mostly rock music with high school buddies until he discovered jazz.

Hurtabo has slowly taken up jazz guitar and started leaning more and more towards Peruvian Jazz and less towards rock music.

“I enjoy it, its a lifestyle that has its pros and cons but I love music and i love playing so its really not bad at all.” said Hurtabo. “My ultimate goal is to start a Peruvian Jazz band and Backpack through Peru.”

Hurtabo can be heard playing his guitar with CSUN’s Jazz Band, performing at public schools, state historic parks, cultural landmarks, resort destinations, and residential communities all over the state.