Musician Monday: Audrey Tang

Tang posing in a practice room with her violin.

Tang posing in a practice room with her violin.

Nick Barrile

Audrey Tang is 21-year-old transfer student from Shanghai, China who picked up the violin when she was four. In her 17-year career playing the violin in China, Tang has not only played in multiple orchestras, but has taught violin classes for many years. Tang moved to America to further her music education, but ended up switching to major in violin performance.

“My favorite part about studying music at CSUN is the amount of freedom I have to play what I want,” said Tang. “In Shanghai, it was much stricter and you have less freedom to actually play what interests you.”

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Tang playing her violin in the cypress practice rooms.

Tang will be performing alongside her peers Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 at 7:30 pm in the Cypress Recital Hall, where the CSUN Symphony Orchestra will be showcasing their talents.