Songs to combat stormy and cold weather


Cecilia Xiong, 7, of Sacramento, Calif., and her father, Kachang Xiong, walk to Parkway Elementary School in Sacramento, Calif., despite the cold, wet on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. (Hector Amezcua/Sacramento Bee/TNS)

Lauren Gates

It feels like the seasons skipped fall and jumped right into winter here in Los Angeles, with temperatures dropping to the low 60’s this week and the sun setting creating chills well into the 40s some nights.

According to the Weather Channel, Northridge will not be seeing a number higher that 75 degrees in the next week, so bring your blankets and scarfs for late night studying at the Oviatt and curl up in bed with your hot cocoa wile you study away during the last weeks of finals.

“I like to go out and enjoy the cold weather, with a hot cup of coffee, “Ibrahim Alnakhilan, 28-year-old business management major said. “I like the cold weather because it is different than the hotter temperatures in Saudi Arabia.

Escape from the cold and cozy up with our Stormy Weather playlist with warm voices like Sam Smith, Norah Jones and the Civil Wars. Enjoy over five hours of music that should last you through what us Californians consider freezing temperatures.

As students bundle up in beanies, scarves and their winter coats the campus looks quite different than last month’s heat wave.

“I actually love cold weather, which is surprising because of where I chose to live,” Sarah Mennell, 23-year-old, child and adolescent development major, said. “My favorite part would have to be being able to bundle up in comfortable clothes.”

The wind has been blowing in harsh cold fronts and if you get caught in the shade between Magnolia and Citrus Hall it feels like you might just freeze over until next semester.

Don’t swap out your bikini for your beanie just yet, because in sunny California, the state will always be hit with warm winter days. But its time to embrace the fact that winter has begun.

“I think that anything below 70 is cold,” Alexis Higgins, 18-year-old, business management major said.