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The playlist for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

Follow these tips to be sure your turkey makes it to the table safely. (Steve Mellon/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS)

Thanksgiving is coming up in just a few short days, and on a college campus that means a mix of people going home for the holidays while others spend it here around campus, and away from family, possibly for the first time.

While the idealistic ‘family gathering around the table’ image may not fit into all of our busy college lifestyles, whether it be that airfare is too expensive, or you are stuck studying during the upcoming long weekend, there are many ways to enjoy this holiday away from home.

“I go back home, which is in San Pedro, just kick it with the family and get to see friends. We have a big turkey dinner together at my parents house,” Raymundo Machado, 22, Environmental and Occupational Health major said.

For our Matadors who are spending this Holiday away from home here are four options of what else you can do this weekend:

1. Host your own ‘Friendsgiving’ dinner: decorate the dorm room or apartment and have a pot luck, enjoy their company bring board games and don’t forget to turn on the playlist during your festivities. Check out some recipes to try this Thanksgiving.

2. Volunteer: choose one of these local organization that will be lending a hand this Thanksgiving and give back to your community by getting involved.

3. Stay in: there is nothing wrong with some alone time, and if you don’t feel like cooking for one order in a meal that will make you feel like you are home for the holidays. Pick up a new book, stay in bed all day, catch up on some good movies and enjoy the break.

4. Crash your friends dinner: if you have made any local friends see what they are doing for the holiday, chances are you can get your stuffing fix at your friends for Thanksgiving.

“My favorite part about thanksgiving is getting together with family I haven’t seen in a while. We reminisce about old family stories and eat the most delicious food,” said Elizabeth Alvarez-Mize, 23-year-old, English major.

Thanksgiving itself may have a controversial backstory, what is important to brace about this holiday is how it brings people together. With classics like “La Vie En Rose” sung by Louis Armstrong,to more modern artists like Leon Bridges, you will melt like the butter over Grandma’s mashed potatoes.

With a lot of great options on how to spend this holiday, regardless of what you choose to do, do it with our Thanksgiving Dinner playlist playing and enjoy your long weekend.

Alice Tran, 22-year-old, English Literature and Asian American studies double major said that her family “mixes our culture of Asian and American, we have the traditional culture.




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