Sundial Songs of the Week: Fall Series, Vol. 11


Vincent Nguyen

It’s the Thanksgiving break hangover. Too full to walk, too broke to buy anything, and, most importantly, too hungover to even function, but not to worry – there’s still a bunch of music that needs a listen. Check this week’s latest edition of the Sundial Songs of the Week with all that jazz.

Son Little

“O Mother”

This is one hearty blues track. It’s fitting to know that the group will be Leon Bridges’ openers on his upcoming tour because their styles are so similar, and “O Mother” is just what fans want in a soulful track.

Kendrick Lamar

“Black Friday”

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole gave fans the biggest sale of Black Friday, with the two rapping over each others’ songs. Kendrick’s particular “Black Friday” sits him atop of J. Cole’s “A Tale of 2 Citez” beat [Cole rapped over Lamar’s “Alright” in his “Black Friday] and it’s one wild ride. Speculation of the two’s collaboration is at an all-time high now.



This is a vibrant and upbeat tune that’s got a nice dance-rock feel to it. It’s definitely a song that makes library-goers just give up on studying, not like we’re condoning that act or anything.



Groovy and relaxing, “Hallways” gives listeners a tease for the first couple of seconds before hitting you right in the jazzy feels.