App of the Day: Hipmunk


Alyson Burton / Illustrator

Edemy Rodriguez

With the holidays and the end of fall semester approaching, there is an app that provides travel deals for flights and hotels.

Hipmunk helps find the lowest prices for different getaway destinations – whether it is to catch a flight back home to see family or for a vacation over winter break.

It also gives theme options to choose from if it’s a random trip without a particular preference destination. There are themes such as beach, ski, romantic, outdoors, family and culture.

Each theme gives relative locations that go with the theme chosen, for example when selecting beach the locations that appear are places like Cancun, Mexico. The ski theme gives options to different mountains such as Mammoth Mountain in California.

The prices of the destination dates appear by airline or hotel with a bar graph from lowest to highest.

Hipmunk also provides their hotel prices compared to others such as to display that they are giving affordable deals.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Bryan Serpas, a 22-year-old accounting major, says it is a good app to use for his upcoming travels. He prefers Hipmunk over other apps such as and, and claimed it was easy to use to search for his destination and it has affordable deals depending on the location.

“Out of many other apps I would definitely use Hipmunk to find the best deals since each app has different rates,” said Serpas. “It’s convenient to have both flight and hotel deals in one app.”