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App of the Day: Hipmunk

Alyson Burton / Illustrator

Edemy Rodriguez

December 7, 2015

With the holidays and the end of fall semester approaching, there is an app that provides travel deals for flights and hotels. Hipmunk helps find the lowest prices for different getaway destinations – whether it is to catch a flight back home to see family or for a vacation over winter break. It...

App of the day: SworkIt Lite

Alyson Burton / Illustrator

Julissa Vasquez

December 1, 2015

For many students, paying for a membership to the gym is just not in their budget, but the app SworkIt Lite is here to help with reaching weight loss goals. Some of those who try and workout outdoors for free are faced with safety fears, especially in the evenings as it gets dark. This app provides us...

App of the Day – Apps Gone Free

Alyson Burton / Illustrator

Jasmin Robinson

November 17, 2015

A smart phone can do many things, and, for the cost, we can say money well spent. However, there is nothing worse than the costs piling up putting you essentially in app debt. The reality is, nothing is free, especially the good apps. Apps Gone Free fixes that problem. Apps Gone Free has taken that...

App of the Day: Mint

Alyson Burton / Illustrator

Julissa Vasquez

November 3, 2015

Many students have bank accounts through different companies and checking account information on each one can be time consuming, but the app Mint is here to make life easier.   The Mint app is free of charge and it allows for the user to be able to track their different bank account information...

App of the day – Tree of Life: Explore

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Eliset Zapien

October 29, 2015

There is an iPad app developed specifically for Introductory Biology level students or former students who just want to simply refresh their memory on the basics of biology. This particular app lets you play with that is called ‘the Tree of Life’ that contains 100 taxa and 50 synapomorphies from...

App of the day: Learning with Duolingo

Cartoon of male holding a phone that reads

Edemy Rodriguez

October 15, 2015

Learning a new language is now easier and more accessible. Duolingo can help anyone learn a new language on their down time. The app, available on both the iPhone and Android, teaches the basics of any language from their selection of Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Irish, and several...

App of the day:

Cartoon of male holding a phone that reads

Michelle Moran

October 9, 2015

Going to school Monday through Friday can make a dent in your wallet and grocery lists are difficult to generate without looking in your kitchen. Luckily, there's an app out there that can help you find recipes and make grocery lists for you right away. is an app available for iPhone and...

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