App of the Day: Mint


Alyson Burton / Illustrator

Julissa Vasquez

Many students have bank accounts through different companies and checking account information on each one can be time consuming, but the app Mint is here to make life easier.


The Mint app is free of charge and it allows for the user to be able to track their different bank account information from checking, savings and credit cards by putting all of the different types of information from each account into one place. Purchases are tracked automatically which is great for when users are looking for help on budgeting your money. Mint can also help relieve financial stress.

To start it up, users need to connect their banks to the app, but once that’s done, the app will handle the rest.

The app supports most major bank institutions such as Bank of America, American Express, Capital One, Citibank and Wells Fargo. It does not support Union Bank.

Mint’s newest update allows for users to be able to see where they made the most purchases as well as weekly summaries. The app even tracks when you make a donation to charity and gives the user the option to turn it into a tax deduction.


The app is compatible with both iPhone and Android.