App of the day – Tree of Life: Explore


Alyson Burton/Illustrator

Eliset Zapien

There is an iPad app developed specifically for Introductory Biology level students or former students who just want to simply refresh their memory on the basics of biology.

This particular app lets you play with that is called ‘the Tree of Life’ that contains 100 taxa and 50 synapomorphies from Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya lineages. The best part: it’s free.

The app contains four target trees, depending on what specific tree you choose – vertebrates, life, plants and protostomes. The quizzes range from every subject. Depending on the level, you can choose whether you just want to practice or actually challenge your skills. Finally, the last step is to pick a difficulty, ranging from easy, medium and hard.

“Tree of Life: Explore” is designed to help students develop a better understanding on the living organisms. The app is created to be more interactive and instructive rather than just reading and learning about the material through a textbook.

Whether you’ve forgotten about the material and want to refresh your memory on Biology or if you are having trouble understanding the course material this app is aimed to be an enjoyable way to learn about the diversity of life in general.

The best feature about this app is that it contains special content by CSUN assistant professor Dr. Jeanne Marie Robertson, inspired by ‘Teaching the Tree of Life to Undergraduate Students,’ from Cornell University Professor Dr. Harry Greene.

This app is available in iOS8 and iOS9 and compatible with an iPad.

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